The Empire of Nerath was born from the remnants of two empires destroyed by a bitter war. Lack of a strong central government has allowed for many of the formerly civilized lands to fall into darkness, and now the remaining town fortresses are merely points of light in an otherwise deadly world overrun with raiding parties of humanoids and terrifying monsters.

The campaign focuses on an area of Nerath known as Nentir Vale, an area rich with history and adventure opportunity, and the Laerduvian Sea to the south. Player characters are outlaws that fought against the former Empire, and start with a 10GP reward on their heads. The more they do to contradict the current Empire, the higher their bounty will go and the more dangerous it will be for them to operate on the mainland…but they will also get better opportunities for “jobs” that will provide greater rewards. If they align closely with the Empire, they will find it to be relatively safe on the mainland, but they will have less freedom to pick jobs, and the spoils will be taxed heavily. They will also be targeted by pirates and outlaws if they take to the sea. The choices of the PCs will guide how they are regarded by NPCs throughout this campaign, and have long-standing consequences.

Campaign 7 -- Nerath