Campaign 7 -- Nerath

The Siege

Depleted of resources but concerned about the Kobolds re-grouping, the characters made camp in the next room to rest, lined the tapestries along the hallway leading to the room where the Kobolds retreated, and built a small barrier using rubble and a statue at their end of the hallway for cover. They posted Essecaia to watch while she was in trance, and gave her a torch with which to light the tapestries, should the Kobolds approach.

Ultimately, the Kobolds attacked, charging the barrier. Essecaia lit the torch and tossed it onto the tapestry while the characters took their positions, rapidly dispatching several of the Kobold attackers. Then a white dragon revealed itself and flew over the melee, attacking the characters from above with its cold blast breath weapon. Essecaia and Gunnhild took the brunt of the attack and lay dying while the rest of the characters fight on. The Kobold attackers were separated, and several were forced to retreat back to their lair.

Session 2 (8/17/10)

Descended ladder into room with large unstable statue and tapestries. Ambushed by kobolds. Gunnhild came close to death. Tapestries were used as immobilizers/blinders by kobold. Statue pushed over onto party to cause damage. Ultimately triumphed, although in bad shape. Two kobolds escaped into adjoining room.

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You're running...

Coimaedai found himself to be running for his life, naked, through an unfamiliar jungle holding a platinum idol of a Dragonborn, and didn’t recall how he got there. He was being chased by a dozen angry natives with spears and blowguns and had a dart in his arm. He was discovered by the rest of his team, and Guunhild, Quetzalkiith and “The Six,” a band of halfling slingers, held the natives at bay. Guunhild took the idol that had belonged to her family and the team returned to their ship where Captain Langdon punished them for failing in their mission to trade with the islanders. Coimaedai discovered that he had been captured and drugged, and that was why he had no memory.

Out of desperation, the party traveled to the coastal Pirate town of Khalidor in the Laerduvian Archipelago, looking for work, where they were directed (by a friend of the Captain, Salvana Wrafton of Wrafton’s Inn in Winterhaven, Nentir Vale on the mainland) to seek a missing dwarf prospector (Kavalar Coppernight) on Targ Island who had gone in search of a strain of precious ore. The party arrived at the island with no other options for work, and discovered a band of kobolds guarding the entrance to the excavation site. The party jumped the fence and assaulted the kobold force, and nearly lost Coimaedai, but were successful. They are now standing at the brink of a mine shaft with a dirty rope ladder descending into the volcanic stone.


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